A Silversmith Needs a Stamp

February 09, 2017

A Silversmith Needs a Stamp

Originally posted January 25, 2016

All silversmiths need to mark their work with a stamp that contains at least two pieces of information: their name (or business name) and the purity of the silver used. Today, I received my second stamp from EverStamp. Really liked working with Jim and Gina! 

I'm excited about this one because its a little smaller and it will allow me to stamp some new designs for necklaces that I've been working on. If you look closely at the bail of the necklace, you'll see a circular imprint of Backyard Silversmiths and .999 for Fine Silver.

Backyard-Silversmiths-Andrew-Vandekop-Displays-Company-Stamp          Backyard-Silversmiths-Stamp-Embedded-on-Silver-Bail