Forging Fashion on the Freeway

June 02, 2017

Forging Fashion on the Freeway - Backyard Silversmiths Blog

The glow of an 1800-degree furnace making chunky silver rings. The crackle of a 3000-degree blow torch ripping through a chunk of silver to make a cuff. The repetitive clangs of a silver pendant being shaped on an anvil. These are the sights and sounds of silversmithing. Today, I have the pleasure of making an invitation to you to come experience this in person.

For the last couple of years, my wife Teisha and I have created our .999 fine silver jewelry in a 10’ x 20’ backyard in Dallas, Texas. While this approach has served us well, we’re happy to announce that today we purchased some land and an existing building where we will create a backyard workshop that is situated alongside one of the busiest highways in America…I-35. This illustration gives you an idea of our vision for the property and what it will look like when setup is complete. Forging Fashion on the Freeway - Backyard Silversmiths Blog






Backyard-Silversmiths-Abbott-TexasAndrew-and-Teisha-Vandekop-Backyard-Silversmiths    Backyard Silversmiths Workshop & Jewelry Shop will be open to the public in just a few short weeks! Located off the interstate in Abbott, Texas (yes, the birthplace of Willie Nelson located between Dallas and Waco), visitors will be able to watch us create silver jewelry pieces using primitive techniques with a furnace, blowtorch, giant hammers and anvils. In fact, our entire business operation will be open for all to see. From jewelry concept design, to shaping silver bracelets with a hammer, to hand-engraving personal messages on the inside of silver rings, those who appreciate hand craftsmanship will now have the opportunity to see jewelry manufacturing happening right before their eyes – a refreshing alternative to overseas factories.

And yes, we are going to need some help. We’re hiring! This is a really great opportunity for a couple of artists/designers/makers to become a part of our growing business. I actually learned silversmithing techniques from my grandfather more than 25 years ago, and I’m eager to pass along some of these lessons. Check out our job postings here.

Today was a special day for us and we couldn’t have done it without all of the support from our customers, so we thank you! We’ll keep you posted on our progress via our social channels and we encourage you to visit us in Abbott when we open soon. – Andrew

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