Axe Blade Necklace

If you're searching for a cool and unique pendant, take a look at our pure .999 fine silver Axe Blade Necklace! Created the same way they made axes back in the medieval times, we take a straight bar of silver and fold it, hammer it and weld it into an axe blade shape! We then 'age' it to look as if it might have been worn by a viking! It measures about 1.25" across and 1" from top to bottom.

Want to see how Andrew creates our Axe Blade Necklace? Watch our video here!

You can choose from various lengths and hanging styles. Andrew is modeling his Axe Blade Necklace on an 18" 2.5 mm oxidized sterling silver box chain.

Prices range from $80 - $125 depending on style and length of necklace. 

Note: Our leather cords wear beautifully but should not get wet. Please do not wear your necklace in water.