Silver Arrowhead Necklace

BS - Arrowhead

Our rugged, masculine, Silver Arrowhead Necklace is handmade of pure .999 fine silver and looks really cool hanging from chain or leather. One of the coolest things about this pendant is the necklace you choose hangs from behind the arrowhead - not the top! The piece measures approximately 1.25". We also offer a smaller version of this arrowhead pendant which you can see here.

Our Solid Silver Arrowhead Necklace is marked on the back with our fence & anvil icon stamp and .999 indicating the piece is made of pure silver. Watch the video to see the coolness of this piece up close!

There are 4 sterling silver chains and a variety of leather choices to choose from (Andrew is modeling the Silver Arrowhead Necklace on a 24" 1.7mm Oxidized Rounded Box Chain).

Prices range from $85 - $130 depending on style and length of necklace. 

Note: Our leather cords wear beautifully but should not get wet. Please do not wear your necklace in water.