Hammered Silver Bangles

Our simple, everyday bangles are hand-hammered pieces of .999 fine silver where you can really see the pure beauty of the hammer marks! Reader's Digest even featured our bangles as one of the Top 100 Amazing Things Made in the USA! They're approximately 1/8" wide and 1/8" thick! Pricing below is for one (1) bangle.

To determine your size, please see our photos. Position your thumb under your hand and touch your little finger. Then wrap a soft measuring tape around the outside of your hand, over the knuckles. That will be the measurement for your bracelet. If we do not have your size listed, please contact us and we'll be happy to make it to whatever size you need!

We've included a video so you can hear the sweet sound the bangles make when they clink together! Want to see how Andrew creates these? Watch his video here!

Size 6 - $85 per bangle (.7 oz)

Size 6.5 - $95 per bangle (.8 oz)

Size 7 - $100 per bangle (.85 oz)

Size 7.5 - $105 per bangle (.9 oz)

Size 8 - $110 per bangle (1 oz)

Size 8.5 - $115 per bangle (1.05 oz)

Size 9 - $125 per bangle (1.1 oz)