Large Medallion Style Silver Coin Necklace | Pieces of Eight

A really unique statement piece for those who like the style of chunky, medallion jewelry! Our Large Medallion Style Silver Coin Necklace is our take on the "Pieces of Eight" currency. There are several pendants to choose from on our website and because each one features a unique design and shape, the one you order is the one you'll receive! We stamp the back of each piece with our silversmith's mark and .750 indicating the piece is created with about 75% silver to give it that cool, 'old world' look. Please note - these are created to look like old coins from the 1700's so they will have irregular borders. 

Watch the video to get an idea of the size of this pendant. It measures approximately 1.5".

A little bit of history:

These pendants are replicas of the "Pieces of Eight," the world's first currency dating back to around the 1700's. At the time, money in Spain was based on 'reales'. Spain originally created an "8-reale coin" of high quality silver. Sometimes, to express love, people would cut their coins into shapes like hearts, crosses, circles and shields and hang them from cord as necklaces for gifts. The reason the "Pieces of Eight" are considered "Pirate Coins" is because pirates would loot silver from the ships that were carrying it around the world. Long John Silver's parrot would cackle the phrase, "pieces of eight."

You can choose from various lengths and hanging styles. (In the photos, this pendant hangs from a 2.5mm Rounded Box Chain).

Prices range from $90 - $155 depending on style and length of necklace.