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We love participating in our community and helping to raise funds for those groups and organizations that do so much for all of us. Epilepsy awareness is important to the Vandekop family and we donate to foundations that provide education about the condition and are active in helping to cure it.

If you'd like to raise funds for your organization in a unique way, please consider our Fundraising Program!

How it works

  • Backyard Silversmiths will set up a unique code for your organization.
  • When a sale is made at and the customer references your unique code, then 10% of that purchase will be donated to your group! (Not applicable with any other discount codes).
  • Backyard Silversmiths will deliver the donation from your group's fundraising purchases at the end of each quarter via check.
  • The unique code will be active for one year.

We encourage you to share the code we give you with your entire organization via your website, newsletters, e-mail marketing and social channels. When possible, we’ll share your mention on our social channels too!

Getting started

We do have some guidelines and criteria that must be met. Your organization should operate as a 501 (c) (3) Corporation and have a Tax ID number. Please note: we do not offer fundraisers for individuals, “For Profit” organizations or for political activities. We are honored to receive many requests; unfortunately, we will not be able to support them all.

If you're interested in our Fundraising Program, please e-mail the following details to We will let you know within a week if your organization has been approved.

Contact Name

Contact e-Mail

Contact Phone Number

Organization Name

Organization Website

Brief Description of the Organization and its Mission

Contact and Address of Where to Send Check