Australia Florin Coin Necklace

A-Florin - 1943

These beautifully detailed coins are Australia Florins! Made with about 92% silver, we have several years available and have domed them to show off the gorgeous detail of the Coat of Arms side.

We have 3 styles of light sterling chain you can choose from for your Australia Florin Coin Necklace! (In the photos, we are modeling the Sterling Silver Round Rolo Chain 1.5mm at 16").

- Sterling Silver Round Rolo Chain (1.5 mm) with Spring Ring Clasp ($60 - $65)

- Sterling Silver Oval Cable Chain (3.7mm) with Toggle Clasp ($70 - $80)

- Sterling Silver Rounded Box Chain (1.8mm) with Spring Ring Clasp ($65 - $80)