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Backyard Silversmiths® has created a really cool, rustic necklace for those who like the style of unique coin necklaces. Inspired by the “Pieces of Eight,” the world’s first global currency, each of our pirate-style pendants started as a chunk of 80% silver that I melted in my backyard furnace. Armed with a coin history book, a block of steel, a hand engraver and a big hammer, each is one-of-a-kind. The photos you see here will be the one you receive.

This listing is for a Potosi-inspired pendant featuring castles and lions (from the mint of Potosi, Bolivia in 1653). The back of the pendant is engraved with “Backyard Silversmiths 80% Silver.” I chose this material so the pendant would have a cool, rustic look like it may have come from a wrecked Spanish galleon at the bottom of the sea. In the early days, a “Silver 8 Reale” was a very valuable coin. A single coin was the average wage for two weeks of work. For those lucky enough to have one, many owners would place a hole in the coin and attach it to a piece of string around their neck, to prevent it from being lost or stolen. They would also crudely hand carve them into shapes so they could be given as a present to their loved ones. The two most common shapes they made were hearts and crosses.

This handmade pendant measures about 1.5” and weighs around .9 ounces. It’s made of 80% silver and hangs from a handmade bail made of .999 fine silver. Because each pendant is handmade, weight and width may vary slightly. You can choose from various hanging styles:

 - Round leather cord in Black or Natural Brown with Sterling Magnetic Clasp ($90)

- Braided Bolo cord in Black, Dark Brown, Antique Tan, Saddle, Black/Brown or Natural with Sterling Magnetic Clasp ($90)

- Sterling Silver Long/Short Rectangle Chain (4.4mm) with Toggle Clasp ($95 - $105)

- Sterling Silver Large Cable Chain (5.9mm) with Toggle Clasp ($95 - $105)

Note: Our leather cords wear beautifully but should not get wet. Please do not wear your necklace in water.

This beautiful piece of jewelry will SHIP FOR FREE (!) to US customers within 1-week of purchase. Buyers outside the US will be charged for international shipping and are responsible for any VAT import taxes or customs taxes that may be charged by your home country.

We're proud of the unique items we have created. However, if you're not completely satisfied, please return within 14 days for a full refund.

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