Heavy Silver Chain Bracelet

Searching for a unique, bold, chain link bracelet? These handcrafted, pure .999 fine silver links are long and curved and they're connected by double hand-welded links. The bracelet is nice and heavy - a great accessory for someone who likes to wear thick, chunky jewelry. And a really cool part about it is the clasp - its unique shape and length make for a nice accent to the piece. Watch the videos to see the coolness of this bracelet up close!

Want to see how Andrew creates this bracelet? Watch our video here!

We offer sizes 6-9 inches. To determine your size, wrap a soft measuring tape around your wrist and determine the length. Add a half-inch to that number. That's the size to order. Because each bracelet is handmade, weight and width may vary slightly. 

Size 6 - $225 (2.1 oz)

Size 6.5 - $245 (2.3 oz)

Size 7 - $260 (2.5 oz)

Size 7.5 - $280 (2.6 oz)

Size 8 - $295 (2.8 oz)

Size 8.5 - $315 (3 oz)

Size 9 - $330 (3.2 oz)