Hip Hop Silver Cross and Chain

BS - 4Inch

Our Hip Hop Silver Cross and Chain is hand-forged of pure, .999 fine silver. Those are hand-hammer marks you see on the approximately 4-inch, 1.8 oz solid silver cross! And the chain weighs between 3 - 5 oz. depending on your length. It includes a pure silver bail and the hook-and-eye clasp features the Backyard Silversmiths® stamp. Our stamp is also included on the back of this giant cross! Watch the video to see this bad boy up close!

We can create this Hip Hop Silver Chain in any length! If you don't see your desired length in the drop-down menu, just contact us :). In the photos, Andrew is modeling the 26" necklace.

Prices and approximate weights INCLUDE the 4-inch silver cross. If you only want the chain, click here. If you only want the cross, please contact us!

18 inches - $525 (4.8 oz)

20 inches - $560 (5.2 oz)

22 inches - $590 (5.5 oz)

24 inches - $625 (5.8 oz)

26 inches - $660 (6.2 oz)

28 inches - $690 (6.5 oz)

30 inches - $725 (6.9 oz) 

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