Hollow Silver Cuff Bracelet


If you've been searching for a unique, bold cuff bracelet, take a look at our Hollow Silver Cuff Bracelet! For men and women, our Hollow Silver Cuff Bracelet is created with a solid piece of pure .999 Fine Silver that is welded together in one continuous loop. It's unique design gives you two looks: the loops sitting up on top of your arm, or the parallel bars sitting up top!

Our Hollow Silver Cuff measures a little more than .75" wide, with a .5" hollow gap and features the Backyard Silversmiths® mark on the inside. Because its made of fine silver, it's malleable which makes it easy to put on and off :).

Determine your size for the Hollow Silver Cuff Bracelet by simply wrapping a soft measuring tape around your wrist as shown in the photo. Order the size closest to your wrist size. If you need another size, please contact us! Because each bracelet is handmade, weight and width may vary slightly. 

Size 6 - $160 (1.4 oz)

Size 6.5 - $170 (1.5 oz)

Size 7 - $180 (1.6 oz)

Size 7.5 - $190 (1.7 oz)

Size 8 - $200 (1.8 oz)

Size 8.5 - $210 (1.9 oz)

Size 9 - $220 (2.0 oz)