Spur Bracelet® - Silver and Leather Bracelet


The Backyard Silversmiths Spur Bracelet is a really cool and unique look. Because its made of both silver and leather, it can go with almost anything! This is our Classic Spur Bracelet design. We also have a small version, which you can see here!

For men and women, our patented bracelet design features a hand-hammered finish. (Patent: US D815,555).

Each bracelet is stamped with "Backyard Silversmiths .999" on one of the buttons indicating it is made of pure .999 fine silver.

We offer sizes 6-9 inches. To determine your size, wrap a soft measuring tape around your wrist and determine the length. Add a half-inch to that number. That's the size to order. You can also choose the color of leather strap to be assembled onto your bracelet! Because each one is handmade, weight and width may vary slightly. If you don't see your size listed, please contact us!

Watch the video to see the Spur Bracelet up close!

Size 6 - $260 (2 oz)

Size 6.5 - $280 (2.2 oz)

Size 7 - $300 (2.3 oz)

Size 7.5 - $320 (2.5 oz)

Size 8 - $340 (2.7 oz)

Size 8.5 - $360 (2.8 oz)

Size 9 - $375 (3 oz)