The Pipe Necklace®

In the old days, if a cowboy was lucky enough to have a pipe, he would tie it on a bit of string so it would not be lost. Now, its fashion! The Pipe Necklace® is handmade of pure .999 fine silver. Andrew casts the silver into a pipe bowl, a shaft and a cool bail to hold the piece. Then, he fires up his acetylene torch to join the pieces into a working pipe!

Measuring approximately 3" vertically, this piece is nice and heavy weighing approximately 3 ounces of pure .999 fine silver! Watch the video to see how cool this pipe is :).

You can choose from various lengths and hanging styles. (Andrew is modeling The Pipe Necklace on a 24" OXIDIZED Round Box Chain 2.5mm).

Prices range from $340 - $395 depending on style and length of necklace. 

Note: Our leather cords wear beautifully but should not get wet. Please do not wear your necklace in water.