Long Silver Wispy Dangle Earrings

These sexy strands of silver are paper-thin! So, they're light enough you forget you're wearing them, until someone points out how sleek you look in them! They're light and wispy, just like feather earrings but these are made of pure silver! We also have designed a double-strand version that you can see here :).

Each earring set is handstamped with our silversmith's mark and .999 indicating it is made of pure fine silver :).

Each piece of jewelry is a piece of art handcrafted by Andrew. It could take up to 2-3 weeks to create your piece and ship. If you need your jewelry sooner for a special occasion, please contact us and depending on the complexity of the piece, we'll let you know if we can have it ready by your special day. Also note, because each piece is handmade, weight and shape may vary slightly from what you see in the photos.