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Meet the Artist - Backyard Silversmiths About Us


Hi! I'm Andrew Vandekop, the Backyard Silversmith! I'm a first generation American (my dad is from Holland and my mom is from England). It was my mom's father who originally taught me silversmithing. I spent two summers at his workshop in England when I was a teenager, watching him use hammers and fire to create beautiful silver goblets, sculptures and jewelry which serves as inspiration for my designs today. 

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Unique Pieces Take Time

Each piece of jewelry available for sale is a piece of art handcrafted by me, and me only. Because of this, I rotate the designs I work on. If you see something you really like that's sold out, please click the "Notify Me" button on the item page and submit your e-mail. These notifications help me determine what to work on next!

Andrew Vandekop | Backyard Silversmiths