Naming my Silversmithing Business

February 09, 2017

Naming My Silversmithing Business - Backyard Silversmiths

Originally posted January 24, 2016

Step One:  The first step was to create a name for my business. I chose something nice and simple. I make my art in the backyard so I chose the name Backyard Silversmiths®. After waiting 8 months, I received a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to begin using the name. Sweet!

The next step was to create the logo. We used 99 Designs, this really clever site that allowed people from all over the world to submit ideas for our logo. We chose the one with a really cool anvil and a fence because we thought it did a great job of capturing the essence of what we do.

Original Logo - Backyard Silversmiths - Backyard Silversmiths Blog