Selecting My First Jewelry Designs to Share

February 09, 2017

Selecting My First Designs to Share - Backyard Silversmiths Blog

Originally posted January 24, 2016

So, now that I had a name and a logo, I was asking myself, "Which of my designs should I share with the world?" The great thing is I have a wife and a daughter who have each worn my jewelry pieces and so I quickly called a family meeting.

"Of the gifts I've made for you, which ones do your friends like best?" I asked. "Which ones do they comment on?" They told me they were asked about the Hammered Moon and the Hammered Cross necklaces the most. So, I figured if my designs were appealing to 40-year-old+ women and teenage girls, those were the ones I would start with first - LOL!

Here's a couple of photos of me creating one of my Hammered Moon necklaces. The necklace starts out as a couple of pieces of silver coins that are melted at 1800-degrees to a puddle of silver. A hole is placed in the center while the silver is still hot and then they're stamped with the Backyard Silversmiths .999 mark.