The Benefits of Adjustable Rings

February 07, 2019

Backyard Silversmiths Adjustable Rings

If you like the look of rings but don't really wear them because you have a hard time with fit, you may consider what are called "adjustable rings." Watch our video to hear Andrew explain the benefits of adjustable rings or read our summary below!

An adjustable ring is a ring with a little gap and what it allows you to do is to expand it to about half a ring size. Why is that important? I like to wear a big ring on my middle finger. The challenge is - my knuckle is a size 10.5 and my actual finger is a size 10. All I have to do is expand it out a little bit, place the ring over my knuckle, squeeze it in, and now I have a great fit! The same thing can apply in the summer if your fingers shrink and swell. Adjustable rings are just much more versatile than traditional rings! To see our collection of handcrafted adjustable rings, click here.